Welcome to C++ in Academia! This domain has a mailing list and a wiki to support its mission of putting academics with an interest in C++, whether for research or teaching, in contact with each other to share views and resources.


Use tools at this domain to contact and share resources with other with an interest in C++ in academia.

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The purpose of this domain is simply to put people in contact with each other. People with an academic interest in C++, whether for research or teaching, are welcome here to exchange views and share resources.


You can contact the administrator for this domain at the email address of “info” at this domain.

This domain is administered by Jon Kalb.


Hello (academic) world!

Welcome academics interested in C++. This domain is for you. Do you feel that C++ doesn’t get the respect that is deserves in academia? Do you want to reach out to others with a shared interest in C++ for research or instruction? This is the place. Welcome home.